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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bitch much?? Bravo shows

Okay so by now you must know I have a few 'reality' shows that I like ... okay, there's a lot I like. But this week i got to see the end of the season for one and the beginning of another season for another ... both shown on Bravo.
The first (season finale) was Real Housewives of NewYork ... Well there is quite the dynamic of personalities there ... but you know I couldn't tell you all the names of the ladies but they have all made me think 'boy I'm glad I don't know any of you'. First there's Jill - a red head who sounds very much like Joy Behar from 'The View' ... she seems caring but totally overbearing. She wants to mother everyone, especially her spoiled pooches. And there's Bethanny who comes across as trying to 'trap' her boyfriend into a marriage that he doesnt seem ready for; then there's the one they call 'The Countess', and I think it might be that she is in fact a countess -- sorry I came in late to the series! - but I saw one episode where she was trying very politely to bust Bethanny's chops for having introduced her to the limo-driver by her first name. There is Alex - and her hubby (and I can't believe I am forgetting his name) and their two sons Francois and Johann (they don't cover that kid much) - funniest show was when one of the other mother's asked if Francois had a nickname because the other kids are going to make fun of his name...just the look on Alex's face was priceless.
Well Alex and hubby seem to go everywhere together, you rarely see them apart.
This isn't that big of an issue - I never go anywhere without my hubby either, well rarely. But Alex loves to tell everyone how smart her Francois is ... he speaks several languages at age 4 (GREAT!!! Go for it) but the episode ends with a dinner party, and this kid had absolutely no manners. I have 4 kids, I worked in a daycare center for over 6 years ... trust me I know 4 yr olds. This kid was going around the table screaming as loud as he could, to get attention; when this didn't work he started poking his toy into one of the guests burger -- yuk! Mom and dad did nothing about it ... never mind the fact that it was a $30 burger (better have been cornfedparis imported beef for that price). But this kid desimated this poor guys burger, and he said it was really good and had been enjoying it...geez!
Well it sounds like next week they are going to bring the ladies all back together for a reunion show (kind of funny really because it sounds like they were all friends in real-life too) and fireworks are supposed to fly! one of the ladies gets up and walks off the set!
The other is 'Work Out' which is about the life and crew of some excerize chick named Jackie Warner (I had never heard of her until this show). Well this season premier had to deal with how things had changed from the season before. And I think thata this chick has got to get on the 'housewife' program because she would fit right in.
But I couldn't believe how 'bitchy' the old trainers were with the new trainer Greg. They saw a magazine article and all they could do was make total fun of him. Making remarks about how he must be using steroids ... how he must be compensating for something since he is so large ... how he knows how to work out, but that doesn't mean he knows how to train ... then there was the pissing contest between the new guy (Army Ranger) and an old trainer (Ranger/Seal) who thought he was only getting the job to bug him (self-center much?)...they talked about whether he wore makeup or not.
So they have this luncheon where the trainers get their new 'uniforms' ... well its bits from the new wardrobe line that Jackie designed. The new guy, Greg, made a remark that he didn't like the style of the shorts and that he would wear them but wanted them turned inside out -- well Jackie thought he was totally out of line and thought it would have been best for him to say something in private. And it may have, but still chances are when he was hired he didn't know there was going to be a uniform nor did he see any of the drawings that she had shown the trainers last season...of course he's going to say something...they even made fun of him wanting a group picture - hey, the guy is excited to be working there!!! Take it as a compliment and move on, geez!
So he is training a client and he got hot working out ... so he took his shirt off - maybe its what he's used to. Either way they had to make remarks about how he just wanted to show off his body ... the manager came over and informed him (looked like in front of his client) that policy was to keep the shirts on -- and I can see that ... there is nothing quite as disgusting as getting on equipment and finding that it is covered with someone else's bodywater (only thing worse is using a restroom and finding someone's waste sitting there).
So one of the trainers, supposably one of her best friends, throws a party for the gang from work.. but an hour in two guests are missing ... Jackie & the new guy. She brought her new girlfriend an hour late and then proceeds to sit there and kiss in front of everyone (including her last girlfriend). Then the new guy shows up with a client that he is dating ... and Jackie dares to get preachy about crossing boundries at the work place ---HELLO???? jackie started a relationship with one of her own trainers, someone who was underher on the food-chain and she didn't see any issue with it then. Ugggghh.
I have nothing against gays, and if you are at a club someplace, or a party, or in a dark corner sure you can kiss ... but at a sit down dinner party is not the place to start swapping-spit!!! I don't care if you are straight, bent, or twisted in a knot ... you just don't do that!!!
Next week will be even more interesting ... it looks like one of the trainers calls Jackie a bitch to her FACE!! And one of the trainers gets kicked in the gonads by a client!
Okay I am watching way too much reality tv I guess.

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