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Friday, April 18, 2008

Who's next on the block?

Harry Potter storylines are gibberish, judge tells Rowling - Times Online

Okay I have tried my best to stay out of this ... but now I'm beginning to wonder who else maybe in trouble.

I mean, the fans have literally taken this thing to so many other levels that I'm sure Jo never imagined. So are all the websites which are dedicated to her characters in trouble next? How about people who made fanfics using her characters?

Well technically the owner of the lexicon had indeed already published this info with Jo's blessing, now he is changing media -- it is a grey area where the copyright law has not kept up with technology. So the question becomes not whether he is infringing on her material - she knew of the site before and had done nothing to stop it, in fact even mentioned it in interviews - but rather her 'permission' would also extend to the publishing of this same material in print form or if a seperate 'permission' would be necessary.

Then there is the fact that he is not putting anything into this book which is not already available to anyone who has read the books or interviews - that's where the info comes from. He isn't going to release anything new....everything is already in public domain.

but the 'release' issue is still the one they need to argue. If there was an implied release then she has lost her case.

Actually I get the feeling that this is less driven by Jo as it is by WB and they are almost forcing her to go along with them.

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