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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Barrack on Today show

Barrack wants to hear that he promises to bring kids home in 16 months although everyone in the know says that it is disatrous to put in such a time table. He is now back tracking saying that he just wants to set up a time table to pull out - he can not see the point of leaving any of our troops over there to keep an eye on things and helping the government (tell that to the troops in Japan & Germany - jerk).

John McCain says that Barrack is distorting his statements when he used the 'might as well say 50 yrs' during the debates --- Barrack is saying he meant that he wants to keep us there for an extended period --- McCain says no he was pointing out how foolish it was to try to attach an exact time table (and if you listen to the video, you can tell that McCain was being sarcastic about the 50 years) ....

When asked what message he was trying to send McCain ... Barrack said that he wanted to send the message that he was in the race and McCain better come out swinging (well that was the jest of what he was saying).

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