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Monday, April 07, 2008

Get ready for a shortage of quality Wool

2008: The year the world will cool down the Daily Mail:
"The world will experience global cooling this year, according a leading climate scientist.
The head of the World Meteorological Organisation said La Nina - the weather phenomenon which is cooling the Pacific - is likely to trigger a small drop in average global temperatures compared with last year.
The prediction - which follows a bitterly cold winter in China and the Arctic - is prompting some sceptics to question the theory of climate change."
So now there will be merino sheep being shaved/sheared and spun all over the world just to make some nice woolen socks & mittens to keep the human race alive.

I suspect that hand knits & crochet will become even more of a fashion staple ... my guess is we will even find Girls Scouts wanting to learn the 'gentle arts' again.

But it must be said that it isn't causing questioning of 'climate change' ... it is drawing scepticizm on global warming, which is a subset of climate change.

'Climate Change' can go in any direction ... hotter ... colder .... wetter ... drier ... windier ... calmer ... etc.
"Global Warming" is more confined ... it can only mean hotter temps, less water, melting ice-caps, etc.
"Global Cooling" can only mean freezing crops ... deep winters ... stronger winds ... thicker ice, etc.

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