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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

burning the Midnight Oil

well hubby is still at work.

Whoever said that having computers would make our lives easier & better, never imagined the I.T. aspect of it.

He had one of the servers go down today ... usually no biggie .... except for the storm .... and the son who's battery died 1/2 hr away (on dry streets) .... the lack of lunch that forgot to get made yesterday night .... AND the younger son earning his Scouting Badge where parents are supposed to be part of ...

But anyhow -- so here it is very late. When he gets tired, hungry and stressed he gets a bit pissy ... very short tempered and short worded .... and, well, he has a worker there with him .... and I could just see Mike saying something he doesn't really mean to ... and not realizing it; perhaps he is more careful at work - you know how you can relax a bit more at home.

So he called finally and let me know what's going on. His worker doesn't want to go home - fine for him, he gets o/t, Mike doesn't since he is salaried (pay-off for predictability) - and it turned out that the issue isn't the server at this point ... its data recovery. They have about a week's worth to recover.

Nothing hubby hasn't been thru before ... he knows pretty much what to do - but if there is even a single issue with the external back up system it could mean even more extra work. It is getting to the point where I'm wondering if it wouldn't be best for them just to stay overnight so that they don't have to try to transverse the roads.

Meanwhile I am stuck here wondering what would be best to do .... do I go to sleep and hope to see him in the morning? Or do I start the sock with the sock yarn that has been calling me for about 2 weeks now? Or do I just fade out watching television?

TV wins for now. maybe I will be lucky and hubby will come home ... just to wake up tomorrow at 5am to go back to work (please notice the time this was written!)

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