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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

JESSE JESSE JESSE JESSE - Jesse Ventura for President?:
"The former Reform Party governor tells The Associated Press that there's nothing that could get him back into politics. But he also says he's learned that 'you never say never.'
Ventura adds that he's not pleased with either Republican Senator Norm Coleman or the presumed Democratic nominee, Al Franken."
1st: EEEKKKKK! Jesse you are not looking like yourself, man.
Okay now: Hey Jesse GO FOR IT!!! I think you will find enough people out there unsatisfied with either candidate/party and too wise to vote for Nader that you may just have a good chance! Hell, a better chance than Nadar.

If nothing else Jesse you would at the very least throw some decent curveballs to the candidates and not let them get away with side-stepping the issues the same way you did with Coleman & Skippy.

Although I'm not sure how great a President you'd make -- at least we can be fairly confident that it would be interesting and you couldn't do any worse than, say, Presidents Carter or Harding.

I would love to hear you go after Chaves, man, I could just imagine the UN addresses you'd give .... heee heee .... you'd be calling the guy out like it were a cage match -- hell you'd probably challenge him to one!

Oh yes Jess -- go for it. I dare you.

You thought the MN press was ruthless and intrusive? Try the international media -- the same ones that took down Jerry Lee Lewis in a single day.

But be forewarned, dude -- yes your kids' actions will be open for the press to comment on. You thought it was bad when jr. threw the party in the Gov. mansion? Just wait.

Oh .... I would love to see you do negotiations like you did here in MN when it comes to international policy or with some of those Hill politicians.

For those who don't know -- Jesse has a bulldog. He likes to keep his dog with him as much as possible. For negotiations rumor has it that Jesse would feed the dog certain food with special side effects and then have the doors locked during negotiations with the dog sitting in.
When Jesse got his way, or mostly his way, he would allow the doors to be unlocked.

Hmmmm .... I wonder if that counted as 'biological' weapons?
okay irony of ironies - Jesse says Barrack is the best candidate out there right now but that he would be able to get any thing accomplished.

So Jesse -- how does this make him the best candidate?? If he can't get anything done then that would make him the worse candidate in my mind ... he would be a waste of a vote ... okay, no vote is really 'wasted' unless its made uninformedly ... but it would be a waste of precious time.

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