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Friday, April 25, 2008

Die Dye Die

Okay so some of you might remember the Green and Silver socks I got from my sock partner (see previous posts) and my partner made them with superwash wool - nice thing superwash, they say you can throw it thru the machine and it won't shrink/felt up like other wools - well I only wear these socks on special occasions (i.e. when I can't get away w/o socks) so they had stayed very clean during the time I've had them.

Well I wore them when I went camping last month. Would have been fine ... cabin rule was when you go into the cabin first thing you do is remove your shoes so that mud didn't get tracked threw (less mopping on the last day - I can live with that ;p) but for some reason the father's didn't hear this rule and wore their shoes thru the cabin. And well the soles of the socks got filthy~!~!

Since daughter was already doing a load of laundry (its one of her chores, especially when she starts to fall behind) I asked her to throw them in with the darks since I wasn't sure if they were going the shed dye or not.

Well, my daughter being a normal teenager ... didn't do them. And I found them while getting hubby ready to go on his camping trip. so I decided to hand wash them.

As it turned out -- it was a very good thing.

I couldn't believe how much green came out of these socks.

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