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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Singing a Different Song

My Way News - Bush says rebates going out Monday will boost economy:
"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., agreed that people 'need this rebate to cope with the rising cost of gas and groceries.' She said that, while the rebates would help to get the economy moving, there was a need for a second stimulus package 'and we have begun some conversation with the administration and Republicans.'"
Now wasn't she one of the one's against the original stimulus package? Saying the money shouldn't go back to people but into programs that reached only a few of Americans instead?
How they change their song the way the wind blows! How in the world do we elect people like this?
"....The rebates - up to $600 for an individual, $1,200 for a couple and an additional $300 for each dependent child - are the centerpiece of the government's $168 billion stimulus package, enacted in February. Roughly 130 million households are expected to get them...."
Yeah, I will believe I get this much when I am holding the check in my hand! Somehow I can't see the government giving me $2400 ... of course they are going to make me pay taxes on it next year though.

I remember during the 70's Carter (I think it was Carter, could have been Ford) enacted a ceiling on the price of milk ... I think we need to do something like that again. Start capping the price on some basic staples like bread, meat, milk, electricity, heating gas, etc. before we get into a real fix.

My guess will be that we will begin seeing politicians pushing for required classes in Home Ecs again like they did when I was in elem. so people learn to make their own food in order to save money.

Wait and see -- they will be changing their tune again .... once the wind changes.

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