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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Lady takes over Today

No I'm not talking Pelosi (although she'd like to think so) ... nor am I talking a government coup (sorry Hillary) .... I'm talking the television show.

Laura Bush co-anchored the 'Today' show this morning on NBC ... and interviewed her twin daughters Jenna & Barbara Bush (such a 'tough' interview)

They did a nice job at showing just the normal side of W. Him boogying down in New Orleans, and a slew of other dances he had done for the media - including the inaugeral ball where he danced with his wife ... the one first lady that could give Jackie a run for her money.

The daughters said one of the great things that the First family did was that they allowed each of the girls to be themselves - and the psychologist said that the Bush's did everything right with the way they raised them as individuals (including sending them to different summer camps) [ginger says: summer camp? who got to go to summer camp?]
We found out that Jenna's fiance actually asked sister Barbara before asking W & Laura.
The one thing that the psychologist mentioned that I don't agree with so much was when she said that twins tend to look towards each other like a security blanket so they seek comfort from each other and not so much from the parents. Actually - this can happen with siblings who share a bedroom from birth too.

Private Residence of the First Family 00 its eco friendly (and was designed to be that way).
Geo-thermal heating/air, collect rain water for irrigation --- hey they have taken better steps than those celebs that bitch n moan about it --- they worked with the landscape instead of destroying it. The original plan was to go with metal roofing but they decided to go with the geothermal instead.

Ways to make your home eco-friendly:
Use bamboo floor towels ... doesn't use pes
use bamboo towels
also use cork in your home
use cardboard hangers because they bio-degrade.

She talked about how the President asked her to marry him, what they like to do to relax .... OHHH and she is going to cook! She will help make New Orleans 'Poor Boy' sandwiches ... sounded good until they mentioned the seafood versions - yuk. I was kind of hoping they would have had some of her own personal favorites, but no luck. It was actually a 25 second competition, but they wound up going about twice as long. Jenna was the judge and the winner got a special trumpet (it was so small). Laura won, but she had some idea of what she was doing ... and Jenna is used to her mom's cooking.

OOO, the guest cook was touting abou thow much the Bush's have been helping in New Orleans behind the scenes - or rather ignored by the media. They talked about how helping to reopen the restraunts will help the economy down there. By opening the food/jazz joints they will bring back the tourists, which will bring back the jobs, which will bring back the people, which will bring back the homes, which will bring back the families, which will keep New Orleans going. [ginger says: one has to wonder though if rebuilding

She also interviewed the author of the Goosebump series and a special studio audience of kids!!! She is so good with them! She is so personable -- its just too bad that they don't cover her activities more ... actually its too bad the media doesn't cover more of the 'human' side of either one of them the same way they did Clinton or Carter or Kennedy. Wait --- I feel a tangent coming on.

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