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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Agreeing with the View???

I can't believe it .... I actually found myself 'sitting' on the same side of the table as Joy on the "The View" today. Well it did hail last night - would that count as freezing over??

Okay so 'the view' had this hyper-over worrying person (Diedre Imus - yes his wife) on their show (missed her credentials) and she started talking about keeping a "redbook' of everything that goes on in her childs day, what they ate, how they pooped, how they were feeling, etc. and she had filled out 27 of them since her child was born (1998 according to Wikipedia) with the theory that when the child starts off at school and they start acting strangely or shows signs of an allergy you can look back - or you can check to be sure they are having the proper amount of whole foods instead of junk food. So for 10 years she has been keeping track of her son's life ... wow and people think I've got control issues!

Joy Baher (not my favorite person) asked the question everyone was asking themselves 'how the heck did we get grown up without all this fuss??' (CHEERS TO JOY!!!) .... Barbara didn't allow the conversation to go anywhere, didn't allow Joy to repeat it or the guest to answer, and stirred to the next item.
This gal fussed about vacinnations, hand sanitizers (which I already know don't work they way people think they do), and cleaning out your medicine cabinets of non-natural remedies.

Okay - I do believe that you should find a natural cure before you hit the medicine cabinet. I think it is easier for you body to metabolize, it has fewer side effects, and if you know what you are doing then they are much better for you ... but only if you know what you are doing.

I have to tell you ... when we worked at the day care we would document the waste output of the kids (times/type) and what they ate as a baby because of the chances of an allergy popping up. We also found it helped with potty training when they started to get regular. and it is a great thing for parents to do, keep a potty chart in the bathroom.

But to keep book after book of it all? I think this is going to be one kid with massive OCD!
It also has to be said that Deidre called herself obsessive.

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