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Saturday, April 26, 2008

It IS Spring, right??

Okay to add to the freakish weather from the other day/other post when the non-existant thunderclap took out the power .... we woke up to THIS this morning:
which really would not have been an issue if we had not already been experiencing weather above 70*F for the last week or so -- in fact it got so hot that I was contemplating putting the window fans in to cool down the house (its brick, so it retains the heat extremely well). We had to sleep with the ceiling fans going and the kids were complaining that the upstairs was like an oven.

It inspired me to get part of the seed order in and hubby was waiting for the fields to dry out so he could give it a good tilling before going to get the seeds for the sweet corn.... but instead ... the fields look like this:

We were just discussing ways of keeping the dog out of the pond this summer and hubby and oldest son need to re-bury the pond-form which was forced up by the frost.

We even hoped to get the firepit started here soon in order to enjoy the warm yet still mosquito free nights (especially on the weekends when the kids can stay up later) -- almost talked hubby into a glider swing to go by it last summer -- but instead we got this to warm ourselves by:

Needless to say....

The dog does NOT see the humor in all this:

Not seeing it ONE bit!!!

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