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Wednesday, April 02, 2008 - Gas tax increase begins - Gas tax increase begins:
"MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Minnesota's gasoline tax increased Tuesday for the first time in 20 years, jumping 2 cents per gallon.
The tax will increase by 8½ cents gradually over the next five years. It will go up two more times this year: another half-cent per-gallon August 1 and another 3 cents October 1.
The Legislature approved the tax hike in February over Governor Tim
Pawlenty's veto. The gas tax had stood at 20 cents per gallon since 1988.
The tax increase will be used to finance road and bridge construction."

Now it must be reminded that the MN voters had already passed a resolution that specified that the gas tax was only to be used for road & transportation costs - so where did the money go?
And I seem to recall a gas tax hike since moving out of my parents place ... in fact somehow I seem to recall a couple of them.

now granted that it is spread over an 8 yr period (to hide who really put it in place) it will be recorded as a single tax hike --- maybe that's way I seem to recall a couple other hikes!

Now the transportation resolution did not include bridges because it was in the 1990's and all the bridges were fine.

BUT then too -- they at least had the nads last time to go to the voters and ask how people wanted the money spent -- that's kind of important because lately people have been saying 'no' to levies, bonds, and taxes left&right.

but then that does explain why they felt the need to reach down our throats to find our last dime.

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