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Wednesday, April 02, 2008 - Hennepin, Dakota Co. approve sales tax hike - Hennepin, Dakota Co. approve sales tax hike: "MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Hennepin and Dakota counties have joined the list of metro counties that will raise their sales taxes in July to pay for transit projects" so the entire county has to pay for a transit system that only one city in the county will use and benefit from - West St. Paul.... don't think there was any lobbying going on there do you?
Now the question is will the LRT going down highway 494 to connect with the line going to the Mall of America ... or if it will end up being forced upon the snaller towns along the way, taking people's property thru 'eminant domain'?

But the part that they haven't mentioned until now (at least not that I had found) is that the tax money does not go directly to the county. It goes into a 'pot' or 'kitty' and they don't even have a committee yet to decide how to spend it.
" .... The four or five counties that raise the sales tax will put the money into one pot, and a new board will be created to decide how to spend it. Five cents out of every $20 spent in the participating counties will go into the fund .... "

So Hennipen County, the largest by population in the state and the one with LRT already, and Ramsey County, which is the next county to get a 'hub' which will only serve the state capital, will more than likely have the majority vote on this committee --- so the other counties will be screwed out of our share.

hennipen & ramsey will make sure they have enough projects to keep that money tied up for years to come for their own purposes ... while Dakota county does have plans to put in a single line down a single street they already had plans to raise city taxes to pay for it.

sure would like to get a peek at those secret plans they've got packed away somewhere. You know they already have all the train routes planned out and now its just a matter of time before they get all the land/money they want.

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