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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lousy Sense of Humor

I love winter .... I really do, although this year I didn't get out much to enjoy it .... I like the lack of bugs .... I like the falling snow .... I like a slight nip at my nose ... I love the crunch of the snow under my feet ... I enjoy sitting in front of the fire palce .... I love having quiet moments with the kids listening to old time radio & sipping tea or cocoa - something the other seasons just don't lend the time to do.

Well .... just as it looked like mosquito season was starting up again - and I've got a couple of dried bites from the woods to prove it - nature decided to make us laugh ... well okay she decided to have a laugh, us meer mortals are groaning something fierce about it.
This isn't the light stuff either! It is mixed with rain and the flakes are big and heavy. The concern is that it will freeze over night and make the roads a nightmare!

Yes that is snow ... we have already had 60* days and almost all of the snow was gone before this hit - just one more good rain storm would have taken care of the last of it. The grass was even starting to look like it was turning green - well at least on the cameras - and now look at it.

Luckily its not going to last too long as they have forecasted 70* and 75* days for next week!

Well as much as I hate the bugs .... at least the weather gets a little more stable.

I'm just glad I got my weekends mixed up .... I thought my hubby and son were going to go camping this weekend but I was off by a week <> I'm not sure the tent would have kept hubby warm enough .... now I just hope the ground dries out well enough so the tent doesn't come back full of mud.

Of course after the dog -- a muddy tent might seem not that bad.

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