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Monday, April 21, 2008

Moral Dilemmas

okay, so the thing about us gargoyles is .... we live between 'worlds' .... on one hand we are the guardian-types always looking to obey the law, on the other hand-we are creatures of the night...where the lines are harder to see.

So what is causing this tug in consciousness?

Herrschners! I love herrschners, but they have thrown me into a moral quagmire - see I ordered scrap booking supplies from them from their clearance items since they had free shipping (see previous post) and I ordered '2' - just 2 - sheets of Mountain Adventure/Camping Stickers ... the nice thick ones, but not quite chipboard types ... and they sent 2 ....

2 packs of 6 sheets each!! So now instead of having just 2 sheets I have 12 .... 12!!!! So I went back and looked at the page and it is rather unclear, although I would think that it is supposed to be just one sheet - it was only $0.97 for the offer....that sounds like a single sheet == although both packs they sent had the exact same amount of sheets in them, which tells me that it was per packet which would have been okay then.

So ... now here is the dilemma: Do I contact Herrschner's and send them back and have to pay for shipping or do I chuck it up to lucky stars, keep them, feeling that the company has been cheated out of $10???

Oh what to do .... I tried putting myself in their shoes. If I had a business I would want to get the merchandise back ... but then if I had the business I would just be some small thing where losing that much would mean so much, and Herrschners is a large company that has been around of generations (well okay three - my mom, me, my daughters) but does that make it okay to keep them?

I suppose I could call and check ... but then what if someone loses their job over this?? I would feel so bad if I got someone in trouble when it would have slid anyways.

But by not contacting the company it would be a lie-of-omission. No actually its kind of worse than that -- it would be akin to thievery....wouldn't it.

I guess I found my own answer didn't I? I guess I really knew it all along.

I will contact them later ... I've got to get supper going right now.

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