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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Officals 6th, 7th, and 8th men on ice for Colorado

DENVER — This is no way to execute a playoff campaign - "Sakic knotted the game back at 2-2 with a backhand into a free net with 5:04 remaining. Backstrom was on his back at the time, knocked down by Brunette and Wild winger Aaron Voros" Okay ... first this goal shouldn't have counted any more than the one that was negated for the Wild ...Brunette was bumped by Voros and he fell on top of Backstrom and then instead of getting up off Backstrom so he wouldn't interfer he hung on to Backstrom's legs! The only reason that it got counted was because Voros touched him just before hand and Brunette is a great actor.
In fact after watching the game I thought the Avalance might have gone to Hollywood for some acting lessons -- they did a really good job at doing penalty moves and making the Wild look like the infractors. Such as when Ferguson (sorry I don't care what his name is, really) grabbed onto one of our players and pulled him down on top of him on the ice so that our player drew the tripping penalty ... or when one of the Avalance's players took a blanant, unnecesary swipe at Backstrom who was one the outside corner of the crease and then proceded to jump one of our smaller guys - who gave it back and then had a second player join in ... they did very little than give a couple of light checks and the Av player fell to the ice trying to claim he was being battered. How unfortunate for him though that LaPierre just couldn't resist a cheap shot on Boo.
Boogard ain't taking shit from no one and immediatly turned to see who it was - now I can't say for sure that LaPierre had paid attention to who he hit because as soon as Boo turned LaPierre made sure there was an official to get between them. So as the offical is holding them apart, he is totally ignoring the fact that LaPierre is whacking Boo with his stick. I could almost hear Boo laughing off the flyswats thru the tv -- it was quite comical actually.

But the calls for the night were decidedly one-sided. with the majority (damn near ALL) of Colorado's rule infractions going uncalled/unpenalized.

The only reason this game went into overtime at all was because the officials weren't playing fair .... by any chance do they get overtime or something if there is an OT??? Hey I'm just glad that the Wild was able to make the unrefutible goals they did otherwise the officials would have just handed the game over to the Av without contention.

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