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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

They had to do 67 studies to learn this??

Vitamins A, C and E are 'a waste of time and may even shorten your life' News This is London:
"After reviewing 67 studies involving more than 230,000 men and women, the experts say there is no convincing evidence that taking supplements of the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E can make you healthier."
Okay I've been trying to get this point across to people for years!
Your body will not absorb vitamin C in pill form - it just isn't made that way. If you feel a need for vitamin C the big ones to put in your diet are: oranges (duh), tomatoe, broccoli, canteloupe, honey dew, carrot, but the best and biggest source I've found is RoseHips. I am also of the opinion that artificial vitamin C will actually deplete your body of the natural sources, pulling it out when it dumps the other stuff--but I have nothing to prove it.
vitamin E is best applied to the skin instead of ingested - it is great for chapped skin (a trick I was taught by my MIL during breast feeding) but expensive so I use it on extra chapped lips, cracked elbows, hangnails, my heels when they split in the winter. So think 'gooey' or 'oily' ... nuts, butters, olives, olive oil (remember don't use EVOO for cooking-it will change the chemicals in it, use regular OO for cooking), honey, etc.
Vitamin A - okay, if its orange or yellow then eat it. Your body will convert beta-caratine (think good eyes) into vitamin A ... yes it converts it ... so if you take that conversion step out of it you body has no idea what to do.

Broccoli is quickly showing itself as a catch-all of vitamins, as well as cabbage, brussel sprouts, avocado, etc. you know those really dark greens.

If you are only taking these vitamins for the antioxidents -- WHY?? there are so many natural sources .... blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries are my favorite ... along with tea (esp. greens).
I just can't believe that they had to do 67 studies .... how much did all that cost? All they had to do really was look at people's urine and compare the amount of each vit/drug in the urine stream to that w/in the pill.

Besides -- eating the fresh vegies is better for you anyways. You will get tons of fibre out of it too which your body needs to clear itself of toxins.

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