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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ooo, this could hurt

Couple Sues Google Over "Street View" - April 4, 2008:
"A Pittsburgh couple is suing Google for invasion of privacy, claiming that the web giant's popular 'Street View' mapping feature has made a photo of their home available to online searchers. Aaron and Christine Boring accuse Google of an 'intentional and/or grossly reckless invasion' of their seclusion and privacy since they live on a street that is 'clearly marked with a 'Private Road' sign,'"

Yes, google did screw up this time -- big time.

when I started this post i was going to support google -- I couldnt believe they coule make such a major error. But after reading the complaint (which includes the photos ... and now I can see why it only cost them $160,000) I see that the google driver totally screwed up ... and google even more so for publishing them.

the path of the road taken clearly shows the route going into these peoples yard, far up from the easement area, and well into the private road (although they do not show a photo containing a 'private road' sign -- leaving a hole for that particular argument) ... but sign aside - the driver obviously went into the drive and therefore is guilty of trespassing ....

question remains as to whether it is invasion of privacy though. After all, it did not show anything that would not be seen from the publically accessed part of the property (the drive connecting to the street) ... they did not show any people inside or outside the home that I could see.

I don't know -- google will have to pay something for this one, but how much remains to be seen.

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