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Saturday, April 05, 2008


'Pig book' puts pet spending in spotlight - Capitol Hill-
Okay here are the stats that the story brings up:
Pork Projects costing us taxpayers money:
$23,000,000 for a National Drug Intelligence Center, basically a 'museum' (John Murtha D-PA)
$ 7,900,000 for 36 theaters in 21 states (no names listed since there are so many involved in this one)
$ 3,ooo,ooo for something called the "First Tee" in the defense appropriations bill (James Clyburn, D - S.C)
$ 1,950,000 for the 'Charles B. Rangle Center for Public Service" (Charles Rangle D-NY ... well, who else would?)
$ 344,540 for the "Chicago GreenStreets, Tree Planting Program" (Richard Durbin D-IL)
$ 211,509 for olive fruit fly research in France! (Mike Thompson D - CA)
$ 196,000 for the Post Office in Las Vegas, a historical site so it can be renovated & transformed -- its a historical site, I'm pretty sure that means you have to leave it alone. (Harry Reid D-Nev)
$ 188,000 for the "Lobster Institute" (Susan Collins , Olympia Snowe Rs-ME & Thomas Allen D-ME)
$ 148,950 for the "Montana Sheep Institute"...stop laughing that's not nice, funny but not nice(Max Baucaus & Jon Tester Ds-MT)
$ 98,000 for a walking tour of Boydton, VA - yep you read that correctly (Virgil Goode R-VA)

Now I did take out the mention of money for a telescope array in CA because I feel it is something that is really needed with all the space crap floating up there, not mention the spae crap hurling in at us.

Now can someone tell me why all of the US should pay to have trees planted in Chicago??? That is a local beautificaation project that should be paid for .... um .... locally.

And why are we sending money over to France????? why would the study of Olive fruit flies effect us here?? Do we have an olive grove somewhere in the US we don't know about? And if so -- then why the hell are we doing the study in France???

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