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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Pastor is a Politician - Sermon Video Presents Obama's Former Pastor in His Own Words :
"The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, in an interview with PBS newsman Bill Moyers broadcast Friday, says his fiery comments, including his controversial “God Damn America” proclamation, have been taken out of context by the news media."
Okay, #1 - the first time I heard any of this speech was from a YouTube video where someone was filming from the inside of their car (I thought his services were being broadcasted, but now I hear that CDs of his speeches are available so it might have been one of those); #2 the clip did not have 'snippets' or 'soundbites' to it, it was a good portion of his sermon - well as much as YouTube would allow - and gave a fair glance at his sermon; #3 if these words came out of any one else's mouth - say Sen Duke - people would be up in arms too!
I've heard a lot of things on tv ... from the 'Obama can't be held responsible for what his pastor says' stance to the 'white folk are just scared of what they see as black-anger' (Whoopi Goldberg, the View) stance to the 'you can't choose your family. but you can chose your pastor' stance (Hillary).

And I have to tell you .... I think the most telling thing was Rev. Wright's own words in the PBS interview when he said that what he says he says as a Pastor and what Obama says he says as a politician.

This brings back memories of the whole NAFTA scandal when it came out that Obama's campaign (since I'm not really sure it was he himself that said this) told the Canadian ministry not to worry, that Obama's stance of Canada's part in NAFTA was bad was only for political show.

Now I know enough to take everything out of a politicians mouth with a grain of salt and a swig of mead -- but I just can not get past this 'left hand, right hand' dealings of Obama! Or at least the appearance of it.

It reminds me a lot of the whole "Oliver North" thing during the Reagan administration .... or WaterGate during Nixon's term .... or WhiteWater during Clinton's first administration .... or the whole Teapot affair so long ago in our history.

No .... I just can't go with the 'never mind the naughty hand' way of politics.

I'd rather have the devil I know over the demon I don't.

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