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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Coming Of Planet Of The Apes

First cloned dog set to produce offspring: researchers:
"The world's first cloned dog will become a father next month in the first breeding of cloned canines, South Korean researchers said Friday.
Snuppy, the cloned Afghan hound, successfully impregnated two cloned bitches of the same breed through artificial insemination, the Seoul National University researchers said.
Ultrasonic tests showed the foetuses were all healthy and they are
expected to be born between May 16 and 20.
If the births take place, it will mark the first time that cloned dogs have reproduced successfully, Professor Lee Byung-Chun was quoted as saying by the Korea Times.
'The second generation of cloned animals used to be malformed but we have not found any abnormal aspects about the foetuses so far,' he said."
Just remember, the 'Planet of the Apes' came about because of the demise of cats & dogs! The story had it that some disease came from outer space ... but what if it really got triggered because of a cloning experiment?
I think this is a dangerous thing.
Have you ever made a copy of a copy of a copy? After a while it starts to lose its integrity. It starts to blur and loose cohesion. I would hate to see that in something with teeth and a lot of power to it.

And then there is always the question ... 'how does this benefit us?' ... what you can keep alive some animal you couldn't bare to lose? Where does life lessons come in that? What, it will allow us to bring back extinct species? Like we need to have Dinosaurs stomping around!!!


Let nature take its own course! Stop trying to intervene in a system that already has it down pat. Oh Darwin -- what did you begin?!

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