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Monday, April 07, 2008

Reality TV:Celebrity Fit Club

okay ... I am falling into the reality show frenzy ... but I have to admit that the VH-1 show 'Celebrity Fit Club:Boot Camp' is really getting interesting. They have Screech from 'saved by the bell' fame (okay its the only thing he's known for) on there for a second or third time -- and he is not having a good showing.

In fact he is coming off as some sort of a nut and a real ass. I watched at first because I saw Joanie from 'Happy Days' on there and Willie Ames from 'Eight is Enough' & 'Charles in Charge' .... but was surprised at seeing what used to be just a bean-pole of a kid on a weightloss program.

Well, it seems like every week he was coming up with a reason to quit his workouts. But this last episode he didn't show up for the workout ... he said it was because of bad weather (never mind that the camera shots showed sunshine) and amazingly he came back with a 7 lbs weight loss .... hmmm. I don't know if that is normal for him or not - but being in hollywood, one has to wonder if he didn't go get a little suction done, not a lot just a little outpatient stuff (micro-lipro).

But there is a bigger dynamic going on ... Screech's sanity. He actually got drunk ... well maybe tipsy ... and threatened another member on the show and they let him stay!! I don't care if he was goofing around or not -- he should have been thrown off the show. He takes everything very personally and is extremely paranoid. he has his own way of looking at things, his own reality, that's for sure.

So there is also a story between the drill Sergent Harvey calling Screech a 'nazi' ... and he didn't see a problem with it, and couldn't seem to understand why Screech had such a problem with it ... Screech finally stood up and said something about it (while everyone else just stood there) and pointed out that as a Jew he found it very offensive.

They also showed clips of Harvey using the term over and over and over again ... always at Screech. Now I have heard it used as a way of describing someone who is extremely domineering, someone who is stringent and hyper-orderly - but this is the first time I had ever seen it directed with such hate behind it - I know it sounds funny, but it had always been just a 'descriptive' word not a total insult.

Harvey later said he didn't realize how offensive the term was .... EXCUSE ME???? You mean you couldn't understand why a jew would be offended by being called a nazi???!!!! I can not believe that at all...of course you had an inkling otherwise why use it. You didn't call him a big nose, or a moppy head, or skinny kid, or child star -- you specifically chose a word that drew directly on the worst time in his religion's history, and they have had several awful times, but WW2 has to be the worst ... no you knew, or at least should have known --- NO EXCUSE!

And I'm sure that VH1 has been getting notices from various groups requesting that it stop and they didn't even bother to bleep it out.

Now if it had been the N-word, you can bet that VH1 would have been all over that .... you can bet that it would have been at least bleeped out and I'm sure he would have gotten a reprimand on the spot and possibly dismissed from the show.

But since it was 'nazi' they let it slide -- because it is not a recognized derogatory term. If it had been something sexually oriented ... yeah he would be in trouble. WHY didn't they get on him for the first time he did this?? Why did they let him think it was okay to say?

This was totally offensive.

As long as the FCC is handing out fines for offensive stuff they should hit up VH1 for this!!

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