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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stupid cold

Okay so got the two girls into the dr yesterday - youngest complaining that cleaning out her ear or scratching near it hurt her eye and oldest with nasty sinus congestion. First the youngest - to me this is classic sign that she has an ear infection. Everything is connected in their little bodies so I needed to get her in. The oldest was getting bloody noses her sinus' were so clogged, I was afraid she might have had a sinus infection.

Irony of irony, whenever I call to make an appt for them our regular dr is out, either he isn't working that day or else he is on vacation -- we don't go that often so I'm pretty sure he isn't trying to avoid me (even if hubby thinks I'm scary...different story). And there are a couple of drs at the clinic I don't like ... okay I don't have confidence in them ... wouldn't you know it, the last two appt for the day were with one of those drs.

Well with a roll of the eyes I had to take them - I'm not willing to jeopardize my kids health because I have a personality clash (well okay one of them decided to check if my daughter broke her ankle by twisting it all around and figured she didn't because she wasn't screaming -- WHAT???) any ways --

It came back the usual -- 'viral, has to run its course, nothing we can do' - translation: she couldn't figure out what it was.

I so miss my old physician. Dr. Lerdahl was great! he would have ran a blood screen on them to check their white count, he would have treated the entire family knowing that it would just travel from one kid to the next and become a viscious circle, and he would have given us samples for two weeks - he was great that way ,,, you really got the feeling that

But he retired and moved out of state. So hey - you get who you get. The dr we have now came recommended by my SIL ... before she got on her HMO... and so far, when we get to actually see him, he seems okay....he seems trustworthy.

She did give my older daughter some retina-A & some other gel product for the acne on her body -- it seems silly to me ... if you use retina-A you aren't supposed to be in the sun and yet what teeenage girl doesn't like to sit in the sun??? I just hope she doesn't get a nasty burn.

For the youngest she gave some of this new Mucilex stuff. They are dissolvable granuals that seem to be very much like Pixie stix -- you remember those straws with the flavored sugar inside? She took it well, but said it tasted kind of funny as it dissolved.
Only thing hubby didn't ask was if she could take the muc. and benedryl at the same time - the mucilex didn't seem to touch her nasal congestion although it did seem to suppress her cough somewhat.

So now the girls are treated .... youngest son was stuffy last night and felt like he was running a slight fever - his body trying to break up the sinus clog I suspect --- but themometer said differently (but I'm losing faith in the ear themometer) .... this morning he woke up with a bloody nose when he blew it. So I gave him a 12-hour decong. so he can, hopefully, make it thru the school day. Tomorrow he has a fairly major test - one of the ones they take to see if they will eventually be able to graduate - so he can't miss it.

So last night I started getting stuffy (more post to come) and took some meds - 4 hour decong, since they over work on me - but it didn't touch it either. So I am completely clogged on one side of my nose.
I'm achy and feel like crap.

The reason I like winter - less colds. Spring time colds are the worse!!

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