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Saturday, April 05, 2008

When did I get so f=ing old??

Last year we started a great little thing called geo-caching ... hubby sucked me in. If you aren't familiar with it...its kind of like modern day treasure hunting only much more polite and using the modern GPS technology.

Last year it was fun .... we went on several expoditions collecting travel-bugs, certain items that are logged in and go from treasure box to treasure box. Well life happened and we did get to relaunch the bugs we picked up ... everything we planned it something would come up, or we wouldn't be able to find the treasure we were looking for.

Well .... I was thinking I was a tad under par during the last camping trip when I found the thought of climbing a steep hill made my knees ache a bit.

Maybe it was playing 8 rounds of Wii tennis & baseball with the oldest son yesterday night, and countless others with the younger two while dad took the oldest to the father-daughter dance --- I had such a sore back that I couldn't get to sleep before 3am lastnight --- but whatever the reason ....

I can NOT believe how tired I am right now.

We chose a treasure that showed to be fairly easy (less than an hour) and pet friendly - we love to take Addy with us so she gets some socialization. Well wouldn't you know it -- bike paths. Addy isn't used to bikes. We live in the country .... bikes aren't something you see everyday ... joggers yes, bikers no. Even more foreign to her ... there was a unicycle club going thru there.

She damn near tore my arm off. I'm glad I took her from my daughter ... she would have lost total control of the dog and we would have had a lawsuit on our hands. but I got her and made her down and wait while they went past .... three past and she was doing much better with them - then the fourth came by without warning around a blind curve and without much room off path to take her so I had to pin her between a tree and myself -- I thought for sure she was going to try to climb that tree to get to that tire.

Anyways, so we got to the spot near where the treasure was supposed to be and there were a couple of 'muggles' there === people who may not know what geo-caching is === so we couldn't very well go digging around while they were there so we did some stealthy scoping out and started to walk away on the premise that we were going to try to find some other view of the river.

But the gps was giving us conflicting info .... first it was in one space then in another. It would say it was behind us, in front of us, down the side of the cliff (well that's not right) ....

Under and hour -- filthy liar. So 1 1/2 hours later, hubby, dog & I were worn out. Kids were complaining about being hungry and oldest kid just wanted to listen to her music. So I took pup back and things went a little smoother. Then girl took dog back because she wanted to just GO.

So we left and on the way out a car was going past -- with another Newfie with its head sticking out of the window! Beautiful Landseer ... love the personality in their markings. They didn't stop long -- just long enough for the dogs to see each other. I'm wondering how they got that dog to stay in the car ... I can't see Addy doing that.

So we got home and ... damn I'm tired.

my hands hurt. m legs are shaky. my arms ache. and supper was looming.


On the bright side - the next day I feel no rements of yesterday. Although my feet still hurt from camping a week ago -- but then I just love getting my feet rubbed by my youngest (she gives very good foot massages).

Don't go ewwww .... my job growing up was sitting on the back of the couch & combing my mom's hair that she had to move out of the way so she wouldn't sit on it -- her's is rubbing my feet. Seems fair.

The dog? She got to sleep all day when we got back ... and stay up all last night barking and barking and barking at ... NOTHING!!!!

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