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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where our Taxes go ..

5 Supreme Court justices on White House guest list: "The menu: morel-encrusted diver scallops, spatzle, angel hair asparagus bisque, veal, white truffle-potato dumplings, carrots and mushrooms, lettuces and candied pumpkin seeds, squash carpaccio, pumpkin oil vinaigrette, raspberry crisp and mint coulis" Granted that this is a special dinner for a foreign leader and Supreme Court judges, but I'm sure it isn't that far off what what they have everyday.

So what did you have for dinner last night?
We had baked boneless,skinless chicken breasts; baked potatoes; and mixed vegies; and milk to drink -- that's it.
My guess is that it isn't that different than most people's dinners across America: a meat, a vegetable, a starch. that's it ... no dessert ... no truffles ... no bisque - definitely no asparagus (not at $4/lb!) ... we also have the problem of food allergies which keeps us from being able to go with more inexpensive food (such as fish, which you can catch yourself).

I don't mind paying for high priced meals for dignitaries ... for ambassadorial events ... but for everyday meals I guess I would like to see less fancy stuff.

So where can I go to see what is on the everyday menu? In fact I would love to know for each of the president's we've had ... it would be very interesting to see who the most extravagant first family has been.

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