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Monday, May 05, 2008

Miss Information

Delegate Tracker Chart
Well this chart is a little states that Gravel is out of the race but he has not dropped out yet.
In fact he is only about $2000 in the red.

The media simply has not picked up on this fact ... they are more likely to print a story on Ron Paul than they are Mike Gravel ... yet they are both in the same boat:
The Candidate That The Media Forgot.

Wouldn't it be a kicker if at the convention the superdelegates who haven't committed turned around and cast their votes for him? Imagine what that would say to the party?

I'm not sure what exactly Screamer-Man could do about it ... as president of the DNC [no one has been able to tell me why it isn't Gore or Clinton instead of Dean] I'm not sure if he would be able to just say -- "okay...Obama is in" or "okay, Clinton is in" ... or if he can say "okay, both of you are running" or what. I wouldn't think so though.
They did run into something simular when Carter was going to run (at least according to Carter) and that was why the superdelegates were formed .... yeah that worked well, didn't it. [he might be a great guy, but I just don't think he was that good of a Pres]

anyways ... check out the chart. it really shows better how close this race is. Don't be fooled by stories that say that Obama has it .... or charts that say he only needs a certain percentage more. It is so much CLOSER than that.

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