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Thursday, May 01, 2008

No Politcal bias There

No You would never get the idea that MSNBC is routing for Barrack.
Nope. They hide it well.
They just ignore the polls that say something they don't like.
They just make sure they pull soundclips from Bill that are not good - not only that BUT I even heard one of the anchors this morning totally misdirect people about what Bill said.

The snippet involved Bill's call for voters to continue to vote their conscience, not to be influenced by what they see the papers say because Hillary is willing the popular vote. And if they give their state to Hillary, even though she will not have as many delegates as Barrack, she will have won the popular vote ... so what will Howard Dean do?

He can't very well give straight to Barrack, not after all the guff they made over Gore v. Bush! And that several of the states that Barrack won in the primaries had traditionally gone Republican in Presidential races .... so the Democratic Party will not get those electral votes.
But Hillary has won most of the states that traditionally vote Democrat in Presidential elections.

So what did the anchor say Bill told the crowd?
Those states that vote Republican in elections don't count.

THAT'S NOT WHAT HE SAID! What he said was that Traditionally these states do not help democrats win the White House. Geez .... there's a BIG difference there.

Then they show some poll they took that shows Barrack is 5 pts over Hillary to win ... that's not the latest polls.

But let's get a couple of things straight:

In Polls released this morning, Hillary is leading 10% over Barrack for wimming the candicacy.
In Polls before the latest round of Rev. Wright, Hillary was up 15% over Barrack (he got a little bounce from his statement this week).

Polls that ask who do you think will beat McCain in the general election, Hillary has been over the top for over a month.

But lets forget all that shall we?
Why does MSNBC hate Hillary so much? I'm not sure. Right now I think its because she agreed to have an interview on FoxNews, with the man they consider to be their main enemy Bill O'Reilley.

UPDATE: 10:46am CT .... another MSNBC anchor was going over some poll data and the poll that showed Hillary would beat McCain by 10%, and McCain would beat Barrack by 2%. but instead of saying that McCain would beat Barrack the anchor said it was in 'a statistical tie'. C'mon, say what it says - McCain would win in a race against Barrack.

Okay I just heard their anchor say that the Senate has passed a resolution to allow McCain to run for President because , as she put it, 'even though he is not a naturally born citixen' ... WHAT?? That is NOT what the resolution does!
It clearifies it! The problem began with where McCain was born. His father was stationed in Panama during the construction of the canal ... there was an American base where he was born. The question was never whether he was a citizen (the law already said he was) but rather if he was a native born citizen, which is what the constitution says he must be.
This resolution just clarifies that yes he is considered native born.

This would be a good thing ... now there will be several other people eligable to run who never thought they were eligible before. I don't believe that people born on bases who do not have American parents would then be American's then though .... actually that one I'm still vague on.

It just slays me how blatantly BIASED the station is ... they are even more so than Fox News.

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