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Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Reality Show

Okay if you enjoy making fun of the Prom Queen or Head Cheerleader, or if you have been on the recieving end of one of their jokes (c'mon we all have known people like this) ... you will really enjoy "Farmer Wants A Wife", a new 'reality' show on CW on Wednesday nights (9/8ct).

It is really funny. here is a clip that shows what is coming up - notice that they need the full arm glove for one of the challenges; I do hope he makes them pick 'quality' ears of corn instead of just filling those bushels, and for those that don't know ... the reason picking corn is a challange is three fold (1)the leaves are very sharp on the edges and you can get cut up, (2)'schmutz' grows on corn and it is nasty stuff to run into - its like cowmud on the corn, (3)bugs -- nothing quite like picking an ear and having a worm come out to greet you, or having about 15 ants try to talk you into dropping it.

So there is this group of 10 girls who are out to get a husband, and some really good looking guy that makes you wonder why he has to go thru a program like this to get a woman (?), and his family farm -- hey look, Mom & Dad live there too!
The top floor of the farm house has been turned into a girls dormitory ala 'Seven Brides/Seven Brothers' and there is a single bathroom -- yup just one.
So it started out with the girls getting to meet Mr. Farmerman and taking a tour of the farm ... in their SPIKED HIGH HEELS (think you can see it coming don't you?) ... well the farmer came up to them and asked who's footprint was left in what we will call the 'cow mud' and one of the girls had to confess - well she didn't have much choice really, she was wearing open-toed shoes and got the 'mud' all around her toes!

It gets better. Just to show how 'blonde' she was one of the girls when the Farmer's mom was giving the girls a quick orientation asked if there was domestic help (maids, you know) and Mother said 'no' with a 'you do know where you are?" look on her face, but the girl followed it with a question about the bathroom and if they had a 'normal' toilet or if they had to do something 'special' to make it work.
Well after me and my girls stopped laughing we started talking about what the mom should have done, what our husband's cousins up north would have done, and how fun it would have been to play with this girls head.
"Well dear, the outhouse is located back behind the barn. But if you don't want to wait you could always share a stall with the horses ... they won't mind, they do it all the time, dear"
It was just hilarious.

So for their first challenge they had to catch chickens ... fairly docile ones to boot ... and put them into coops for transport - whoever got the most chickens in the coops won imunity. These are big cities girls ... from places like Jersey & new york...these aren't gals from like Atlanta or Nashville where they may have had someone close to them that knew someone that has a cousin that lives on a farm.
Funniest quote was 'I didn't know that roosters were like, real, you know' (girl was talking about waking up to the crow).

Two gals really surprised me and gathered 10 chickens each, several had 7, and one didn't even try because she said a lady doesn't run after chickens (my daughter said that while i was out of the room she was saying a farmers wife didn't do anything but tell others what to do, that she would be able to dictate the work). Here's her interview! It is so funny. I can not believe that she thinks this is the way it is on the farm .... darling ... FARM .... not PLANTATION!!!

So the illimination round was for the girls to check under a hen for an egg ... if they got one they got to stay (yes all the hens were assigned), the one who did not have the egg was sent home. i thought for sure it was going to be the one who wanted to know if there was a maid or if they had indoor plumbing ... but no ... I'm pretty sure was the one who's toes got the 'mud' bath.

Next week the 'ladies' are going to have to deal with the bigger livestock -- this is going to be good. Oh and the Farmer learns that girls can gossip...imagine that.

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