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Friday, July 25, 2008

Clap Clap Clap (insert sound here)

Schwarzenegger threatens minimum wage for workers:
"Spokesman Aaron McLear said the Republican governor is contemplating signing an executive order next week that would pay about 200,000 state workers the federal minimum wage, which is $1.45 an hour less than California's minimum wage."
Go For IT!!!!
However, if I were a business in CA I would fight the state minimum wage law -- federal law trumps state law (we just had this go thru our state supreme court over yard signage).

my guess is that any employer in CA could pay the federal minimum wage and win in court by using the same argument -- it would work also for EPA, housing, etc. laws that are tougher in CA than the nation.

Only bad thing about Arnold's move -- they won't really get punished -- they get back the 'lost' wages after the budget gets signed ... darn it ... they shouldn't - what good will it do if they know that they will just get a 'windfall' later??

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