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Friday, July 25, 2008

I can not make this up....

Fight erupts at Dayton Dragons game, fan struck by ball: "The victims included:
• Dayton shortstop Zack Cozart, who left when hit in the head.
• Peoria's second baseman, who suffered a broken leg.
• A fan, who was hit by a ball thrown by Peoria starter Julio Castillo...
... Castillo, both managers as well as 15 players were thrown out of the game. But almost an hour after the brawl, which lasted about 10 minutes, all of the ejections were reversed by the Midwest League." Okay when they were talking about this on the radio, about the same time I ran across the story online, I thought it was going to be some Little league team, or high school, college at the eldest.
No of course not.
Just to prove that age does not equal maturity -- these are ADULTS. and a MINOR league game (no wonder the major leaguers are so screwed up)

here's a YouTube clip from someone who was actually AT the game, be sure to read the 'info' box at the side of the vid and listen to how the spectators went nuts too. This is why i tend not to take my kids to these things. WARNING: video has fans swearing.

And a newscast that explains what lead up to the fight (again, expand out the 'info' box to the side for more about the footage):

For those who do not know -- there was a little boy at a game earlier this month who landed in the hospital with brain damage from a stray ball hit into the stands.

Who ever called Baseball the Gentle Spor???

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