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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Whooo!! The detective is on the stand and he just blew another hole in the story by reporting that someone called the house on June 21st and heard the grandmother tell Caylee to get off the table!!

(interesting all this info is coming out now, since its only a bail hearing)

That cuts another week off the timeline.

Now the grandmother admitted that she is having troubles paying a 'couple' of her bills, that's she's lapsed in some payments, but she had arranged with the bank so get some sort of loan (almost sounded like an advance on a trust fund) for a 'heartship' case.

Could all this be some ploy to get extra funds and it got out of control??

The officer also said that the grandmother kept making it a point that the grandfather was not involved in any way and there was no reason to question him.

What kind of family is this?????

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