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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Missing Child: Caylee

Okay - So I'm watching the initial hearing of the mother of the little missing girl Caylee. You know the one where the mother didn't report the girl missing for 5 weeks? Then she said that she left the child with the baby sitter...but the woman said she never babysitted the girl.

I am about to say some things that may upset people who know the family -- please understand that I do NOT know the family, and my opinions are just that ... my opinion.

The grandmother are on the stand giving testimony to try to get her daughter (the suspect) out of jail to help with the search.

The grandmother on the stand was being caught in fib after fib - from what she did for a living, to whether she had financial troubles, to when the last time was she saw the little girl! It was the answers about when she saw the little girl that shocked me!

How can you not remember the last time you spent with your grand-daughter when you had an actual VIDEO of the event? I'm sorry, but if she saw her granddaughter as much as she says I would think she would remember when it suddenly stopped!

Then when they reported it to the police -- it sounds like they went to the cop station, found it closed, called 911 and instead of being so worried that she would stay on the line until someone came -- they went back to the house? And by the sounds of it, they waited once they got home to recall the cops again??

I wish I had heard the question the prosecution had asked that the grandmother had said, on stand, was 'irrelevent to this hearing' -- everyone knows the witness does not get to judge such a thing directly to the lawyer, you need to turn to the judge to mention is.

Wow - the grandmother said 'everyone knows I don't eat, I just drink water' ... what kind of statement is that? Her brain chemistry would be so out of whack ... after she took the drink her speech/thoughts became very stuttery - it could be that she was just trying to listen to what she was saying but ...

The interesting thing - that the anchors noticed be for me - the mother says the last she saw Caylee on June 8th, the grandmother originally said June 9th ... now she says June 15th -- but they all live together in the same house. So there's a missing WEEK of time where the grandmother didn't notice the granddaughter was missing? Where was SHE?? According to her she was home.

This is such a weird family dynamic. And this is the family where this suspect is supposed to be released into the custody of??? The prosecutor asked about it (after all apparently the mother would disappear for days at a time and the grandmother wouldn't report her missing - and question as to whether she should have to call the cops everytime the mother went missing for more than 2 days). The grandmother's reply was 'well she won't have access to a car' - like that's going to make that big a difference??

This is soooooo strange. I have a real feeling that if the new timeline is true -- then the GRANDMOTHER would have been the last one to actually SEE Caylee. Which should make her the likely suspect. And I have to say the more I hear the more I think she knows something she's not saying.

The neighbor says the mother asked to borrow a shovel, but that doesn't sound right either ... why borow a shovel? I can't imagine a house without a shovel - we aren't talking apt. here, but an actually house. The neighbor figured it was about an hour from the time she borrowed the shovel to the time she returned it -- but if the neighbor finished their own yard work, and then showered afterwards ... it more than likely took more than an hour. While, yes, the average shower lasts only 15minutes , prep time is going to at the very least double that.

I am not sure this girl is alive anymore ... I hate to think that way ... but it just doesn't sound well.

You know looking at photo graphs of this girl -- she looks older than 2 yrs old to me .... I worked with 2 yr olds for several years, had 4 of them of my own, and she looks older than that - maybe 5? Especially given that the little girl could read already? Not that there aren't early readers (I've known several) but it isn't something every kid can do.

I wonder if they have checked the birth records of this girl ... or rather the birthing records of her mother.

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