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Friday, July 25, 2008

give them a hand

A previous post about how the camera was zooming in on Obama's hands during his speech in France made me wonder what the hands say about the politicians.
Here's what I found:

Obama has very long, slender hands - I've always called them 'spade hands' because they are good for digging in the garden, but this website (and others I've found) call them Water Hands.

Water Hand:
"Water people do well in sales, especially if they have a pliable thumb tip. Public relations and interior design may also be good career choices. They can project sensuality, but may ... hyper-sensitive, intolerant or emotionally cold. They feel the need to be both protective and secretive. The water person needs a supportive environment. They need their basin, their own fish bowl to live in. Once they have it, they will bring their environment to life. They are not so much immoral as amoral, establishing only such rules as are necessary to support and maintain the life in their ocean. Their input is from all directions, hence the multi-processing abilities. Challenged, they become vindictive or depressed. Lacking support they become over-talkative, demanding and may display erratic behavior."
I don't think we want that for a President do we? We would like someone stable, someone even , someone who can handle criticism (after all, as President he will get raked over the coals on a regular basis).

okay from what few photos/videos i can find of jm's hands he looks like an Earth hand to me (square palm, fingers about the same size or shorter):

Earth Hand:
"The best traits found in the earth person are reliability, orderliness, tolerance and a constructive attitude. But on a bad day they can be insensitive, materialistic, domineering and over cautious. We look up to them for sober judgment and experience, but they may dislike change, have problems with adapting and can be loaners. With all their good qualities they are challenged by the needs for care in planning and to avoid tendencies towards wastefulness and abuse. They aspire for justice, supported by tradition and continuity and seek success in their chosen careers. "
Hmm, a bit of good - a bit of bad. But still all the good qualities are what we would like in a President - and all the bad points are what we wouldn't. But then like i said -- I was having a tough time catching a really good glimpse of his hands.
Water hands - rectangle palms, long fingers
Earth hands - square palms, short fingers
Air hands - square palms, long fingers
Fire hands - rectangle palms, short fingers

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