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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Say WHAT??

My Way News - L.A. blocks new fast-food outlets from poor areas:
"Councilwoman Jan Perry says residents at five public meetings expressed concern with the proliferation of fast-food outlets in the community plagued by above-average rates of obesity."
Okay a couple of things concern me about this move ... okay more than a few but I'm on limited internet time here.

1. what ever happened to personal accountablity? These people are old enough for themselves to decide what is & isn't a good meal for their family .... back off. This isn't China or Russia, people know how to chose for themselves. Or maybe the LA city council just feels that lower income people are too stupic to be able to make choices for themselves. So they are equating income with health with obesity ... humm ... I think if they look at it, when it comes to health issues - obesity is on the bottom of the lower-income based health issues.

2. who is running these places in these areas? who works there? Did you ever consider the economic impact that this move would cause?? No of course not ... its all about 'looks' out there. Of course, if you let these businesses come in then more people in the area could get a basic wage (which is higher in CA, btw) so that they won't be lower-income any more -- oh but wait that would kind of blow their low-income=fat theory, doesn't it?? They seem to rather have these people out of work, or having to travel outside their area to find work that will put a bigger strain on the household budget, than trying to help them get out of it.

3. What about the interference with inner-state commerce? You know that is a law and they aren't supposed to interfere with any LAW ABIDING business -- and by not allowing a company to come in they are infact preventing lawful businesses to prosper and compete int their area. I can't wait for it to be challenged ... oh wait, we are talking CA here which would rather stop the Navy from pracising National Security drills than take the chance of scaring away some whale which hardly ever come around.

4. Don't you think its kind of bigotted to think that the people in the neighborhood can't just figure out how to go somewhere else??? Do you think these people haven't learn to use the bus? or drive a car? or, hell, walk if they want a burger? Did you ever think that maybe = just maybe = they might start taking their business somewhere else??? Nope == please see #1 again.

BTW, if you use the scales that they use to figure out obesity (BMI) you will find that even the likes of Gov. Arnold would be obese ... and since it has become an "epidemic" world wide -- here we go again -- maybe, just perhaps, and I can't believe that not one evolutionist believing scientist has put this out there ... but maybe


and yes, I honestly believe this. We are in for an ice-age type weather change and we will be needing the extra body fat for fuel thru lean times.

Trust me!

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