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Monday, July 21, 2008


My Way News - Rice: Obama's success is great gain for blacks:

"The secretary of state said Democrat Barack Obama's likely nomination shows the nation's progress in race relations."

Most people do not realize this ... but Obama is not the candidate YET ... nor for that fact is McCain -- if either one of them screws up they can still lose their nomination.

TECHNICALLY -- Clinton could still steal this from Obama if she can sweet talk enough of the Super Delegates over to her side. They can not be bound to their 'pledges' during the primaries ... so they can change their minds until the time they cast it at the Democratic convention.

And while she has thrown her support behind Obama, the delegates that she earned during the primaries (thru the voting process) do NOT have to throw their support behind Obama either.

Wouldn't it be a kick in the pants if it came down to the two conventions and NEITHER one actually got the nomination?? Imagine what that would mean to our voting system?

And as far as the 'race relations' in Rice's statement ... wishful thinking. As long as people keep thinking in terms of 'race' then there will never be good 'race relations' ... why is it that Barack is always being referred to by his race, instead of just being described as the best democrat they have?

As long as his candicacy gets linked to his race, there is no difference than there was 40 years ago ... we need to stop looking at his race and start looking at the MAN.

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