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Monday, July 21, 2008

both sides of his mouth

Comment stings Maliki as Obama arrives in Baghdad - International Herald Tribune:
"Obama said the United States, NATO and Afghanistan must step up their efforts to fight the Taliban and Al Qaeda and to encourage Pakistan to eliminate terrorist training camps."
So on one side of his mouth he is saying 'pull the troops out' and on the other side he is saying 'keep the troops there' - which is basically what this one statement says.

If people think that a vote for Obama is a vote to bring home the troops they better think about it all again.

This guy flip-flops almost as much as Kerry did, and more than a fish out of water. He will say whatever needs to get said to keep him in the spotlight.

Lets not forget the statements he made with Jeremiah Wright and the whole Canadian/NAFTA scandal...just because the primary is 'over' doesn't mean that the facts that came out of it aren't true.

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