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Friday, July 18, 2008

Illusions of Kennedy ...

Berlin Gears Up for Obama Visit Germany Deutsche Welle 18.07.2008:
"John F. Kennedy visited the Brandenburg Gate in the early 1960s when it was fenced off by East-West political divisions. The gate was also the spot where Ronald Reagan issued his 1987 call to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to 'tear down this wall.'"
And the difference is that they were both actually Presidents of the United States --- Obama is really over stepping his bounds on this one ... he is trying his best to give the impression that he has already won.
".... Chancellor Angela Merkel had expressed reservations about Obama using the Brandenburg Gate for what will essentially be a campaign speech ..."
Yeah then you know what? You stop it. There is no reason for a candidate to be making a campaign speech in another country. He has no reason to address the German people.

If he is trying to get the votes of the American soldiers in Germany, then he should be doing it at the base - not in a German historical place.

Could you imagine one of the candidates for the British Prime Minister coming over here to make a campaign speech? How about Canada? Mexico? Russia? No of course not.

Okay Barrack -- let's step back into reality and the world of good taste.

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