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Monday, July 21, 2008

I don't think so ....

My Way News - Group says it ordains 3 women Catholic priests:
"An activist group hoping to pressure the Roman Catholic church into dropping its long-standing prohibition barring women from the priesthood says it ordained three women on Sunday."
They can say these women are 'ordained' all they want -- but until the church changes its mind on this premise** they are little more than female laypersons.

Now while these ladies may get a JOP (justice of the peace) license from the state to be able to marry people within their state -- they had best make it very clear to any couples that the marriage will not be ordained by the Catholic church .... they will not enjoy the sacrament of marriage.

But I've got to tell you --- the Church does not take kindly to being 'pressured' in any way .... this church will be lucky if the Church doesn't pull their affiliation.
".... Pope Benedict XVI, like his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, has rebuffed calls to change traditional church teachings on the requirement that priests be male..."
** Now there is a rumor - and its just a rumor spread amongst parishioners - that while JP2 was not going to ordain women priests, what he was willing to do was give the Mother Superiors of an order permission to distribute communion ... not all the sacrements, but the sacrement of communion would have been opened to them.

Rumor also has it that the reason that JP2 became so ill so suddenly was because he was going to act upon this ... putting it into action ... and there was a move to prevent this - that when he first became ill they took their time getting him the medical attention he needed.

I know - conspiracy theories - but there have always been conspiracy theories whenever a Pope dies unexpectantly. There were even those surrounding JP1's death (theory being he was killed because he was going to allow birth control within marriage, which many in the Church feel is the first step to allowing it outside of marriage).

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