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Friday, July 25, 2008


hmmm, was listening to the response to a question given to the french president during the Obama campaign trail (who is voting for him in France?) .... i don't think it was the translator, because she used both terms.

according to the French President:

Affirmative Action = 'Positive' Discrimination. what is positive about discrimination?
laughs: Obama says the 'average' American has a tremedous respect for the French people -- who is he kidding???
Obama danced around the fact that 'The Surge', as its come to be called, actually worked and did what it was supposed to do ... he just can't bring himself to say he was WRONG.
It sounds like from what the French President said that he talks to Obama a lot. He says they speak quite a bit -- why would Obama be speaking to the French President so much? hmmm. maybe its just a bad translation.
it was interesting that at one point, one of the camera men zoomed in on Obama's hands. Don't know why ... there is nothing special about them. He has a 'spade hand' - long fingers, fairly wide base. oooo oooo -- I should look thata up!!

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