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Monday, July 21, 2008

So cool

Okay so I just heard back from Knit Picks on their policies concerning .pdf patterns for sale. I asked how many copies of a pattern I could print up from a purchased .pdf pattern -- after all I don't want to cause any issues with copyright.

The answer back was that I could print up as many as the program would let me as long as I did not make any money from them (they didn't not specify if this meant that I couldn't make up the item and sell it ... but then that isn't really going to be an issue for me).

But it would be nice if I buy one for my partner if I could keep one copy for myself just in case the package goes awry with the mail -- okay, I'll be honest .... I want to keep a copy for myself, because the one I'm thinking of if really really cute - but it will all depend on my partners tastes.

After all if she turns out to be a he it won't work ... or if she is 56 yrs old, it won't work for her either as it is really a rather 'young' pattern (although I'm not all that young, I know hubby would love them on me - I'm so naughty) Sex

But like I said - its not a pattern for everyone so I will have to see.

I will probably get a pattern from KnitPicks though ... I like their instant download idea. I only wish that iPods could show .pdf files so I could take them with me. BUT like I said, I will have to see who my partner is.

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