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Monday, July 07, 2008

So where's the story?? - Arizona Family's Pet Chihuahua Found Cut in Half - Local News News Articles National News US News:
"Medina believes the crime was racially motivated.
'I don't understand why they did (this),' Humberto Medina told 'He was just a little dog. He cannot hurt anybody.'"
Okay this is a horrid thing ... but there are so many problems with this story I hardly know where to start.P
Let's start with this quote above .... why does he feel it was racially motivated?? the story never touches on that bit of info .... no mention of threats, prior problems, etc. just a flat statement. wasn't the reporter even a little curious about the statement or are we becoming a nation of taking everything on face value when it comes to PC??

In one part they say the dog was 'cut in half' in another that it was 'torn in two' ... torn means it could have been local wildlife that killed the dog, cut means it was more likely than not human related.

Come on -- earn your paycheck!!

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