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Saturday, August 16, 2008


Obama nearly doubles McCain haul - Mike Allen - "Sen. Barack Obama. (D-Ill.), raised $51 million in July, nearly twice as much as Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)

McCain revealed Friday that he raised $27 million last month, his best month of the campaign.

The summer surge pushed Obama over the $400 million mark for what he's raised over the entire campaign, to $401 million. McCain has raised about $171 million, less than half as much." What blooming hypocrits .... next time you hear either one of these two spout about how much the country needs to do for the poor, for the uninsured, for the poverty stricten --- remember how (a)quickly they can raise these kinds of funds, (b)where the money is actually coming from and (c)how they chose to spend it ....

Not on insurance programs (nothing stops them from setting up a program on their own), not on food programs, not on charities or programs to help people of tragedy --- but on world trips! on ads that are misleading and only give half the truth ...

And shame on those who plopped out this kind of money for candidates so willingly before they used it to help those who could use it the most. Even Oprah, who comes acrossed as being such a 'wonderful person' is guilty of it.

If these people can go to dinners @ $1,000/plate then why the heck couldn't they give that money to some homeless shelter for families and feed a family for a month?

it boggles the mind sometimes

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