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Friday, August 08, 2008


I just checked the posts on the hss4 site and my partners site -- how ironic ... she just got back from vacation too.
(Maran, if you're reading this ~~ I happen to love the smell of campfire)
I am busy trying to find a pattern that will look great with Gryffindor scarlet & gold .... its actually quite tough.

I don't want to do just stripes .... that just seems so dull ... but I don't do duplicate stitch very well ... and I haven't tried artesia-in-the-round yet so its a bit daunting. Then there's the question of "does it have to be knitted socks?" I have been wanting to try crocheted socks and I'm a whizz with the crochet hook ... but my partner is working on knitted socks I'm sure.

I love knitting socks -- there's a great feeling of accomplishment everytime you clear one of the dpns and move to the next one ... it feels like you are going warp speed. I have tried socks on 2 circs, but without the constant clearing of the needle it just doesn't feel like I'm getting anywhere.

Forgive me Cat Bohndi, but 2 circs just don't do it for me .... but the patterns in the book are nice - I will have to 'translate' them back to conventional terms/ways though.

Speaking of Cat - I never did post about my order from KnitPicks that came before vacation.... {place Hufflepuff screech here - even though I'm Slytherin}

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