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Friday, August 08, 2008

Its NOT over yet

McCain to Return Thousands in Questionable Donations - America’s Election HQ:
"John McCain’s campaign said Thursday it is returning $50,000 in contributions solicited by a foreign citizen.
The move follows the disclosure that the money was being raised by a Jordanian man who is a business partner of prominent Florida Republican Harry Sargeant III."
First it has to be pointed out that the McCain campaign are the ones who wanted it looked into, not because it was trying to hide it or it was found later ... they are the one's who said, 'look just give it back now, don't wait for any clarification -- don't chance it'.

It was a very wise move on their part.

But wait for it --- I'm sure we will be hearing the Obama camp throw it into an ad here soon, or pelosi to bring it up as a talking-point.

Of course I have to say, if the shoe was on the other foot -- the McCain camp would more than likely do the same thing to Obama.

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