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Monday, August 11, 2008

Let's see the real picture here.

Russian troops begin ground invasion of Georgia as defiant Putin lashes out at U.S News This is London:
"Earlier in the day, Russian premier Vladimir Putin raised the stakes over the
conflict by lashing out at the U.S.
as the fighting continued to escalate in the
The Russian prime minister rejected calls from Georgia for a
and declared that his country would pursue its mission to its 'logical

We are friends with Georgia, yes. But we are also friends with Russia these days. And Putin has to agree that with the Georgian government called 'uncle' they can let go now -- but instead are pushing and pushing and pushing .... but that's okay, just point the finger at the by-standers.

Even if the US did get involved, its not like there is a civil war going on there anyways - well I guess there kind of is, but its being trumped by the Russian invasion of the area.

Not only does this move of Russia's effect Georgia, but it also upsets the bordering countries of Turkey (our ally) and Akbanikrigistan (okay, I can't remember the name of the other country off hand - but its one of those many 'stans' over there) ... Aberbijan,maybe? ... because the Russian's have taken to trying to destroy the oil pipeline that runs thru the three coutries!

now the pipeline is no where near where the conflict is and is well within Georgian territory so should be no question about this being a total raid by Russia! They are occupying the territory like they did Afghanistan.

So what events do the 26 Georgian athletes compete in?

Archery (two)
Volleyball, Beach (team of 5)
Boxing (2)
Gymnastics (1 male)
Judo (6)
Swimming (2)
Trampoline (3) 'this is an olympic event?'
Wrestling (5)

Well - it will be interesting to see what will happen with the wrestling tonight if the Georgian Wrestlers get matched up with the Russians -- I don't think they will be as forgiving as the women pistol shooters (GEO took gold bronze, RUS took silver ... I wonder if it would have been different if the GEO had taken the gold?).

While part of me knows that the athletes are not responsible for the actions of their government, and that it shouldn't be taken out on the Olympians from Russia - part of me wants the Olympic committee to go 'oops, sorry - your country screwed up, you need to go now'. And then too, part of me wants to see the athletes take it out on each other = I'm so mean.

The really sad part about it (well besides the loss of life) is that Russia is so much stronger than GEO forces -- not just by 100s but by 1000s! I wish I could pop over the chart I found on the web last night (its unlinkable) ... it showed that GEO has only 4 aircraft carriers while Russia has like 600 or something, and while GEO has <20 tanks Russia has thousands of them!

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