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Monday, August 25, 2008

More Proof of Global Warming --- NOT - Farmer's Almanac Predicts Colder, 'Catastrophic' Winter :
"The almanac predicts above-normal snowfall for the Great Lakes and Midwest, especially during January and February, and above-normal precipitation for the Southwest in December and for the Southeast in January and February. The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions will likely have an unusually wet or snowy February, the almanac said."
WHOO- HOOO!!!! Slicking up the bottom of the toboggan as soon as the kids get off to school next week --- YIIIIIHAAAAA!!!!

There will be sledding this year! and snow-shoeing too!!! I can finally use the ones I got for Christmas a few years back to help lose weight .... I just hope they are still the right size for me (I haven't been able to use them since we got them).

Oh I can see I am really going to miss the Huskies this year! Addy is cute, but lets face it - she isn't exactly a snow lover -- in fact she collects so much snow on her in the winter that she looks like a walking snowman .... er, snowdog.

Now seriously ... if there is going to be more snow, then this means that there won't be quite the dip from Canada & warmer/moister air coming up from the Gulf ... so while, yes, we will be getting more snow - chances are greater that we will not be quite as cold as we would otherwise.

Besides ... if it is snowing then there will be clouds -- clouds will hold in the heat at night ... so it will still be warmer.

but only time will tell.

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