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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Polyjuice Clay

okay - I started working on my partner's stitch markers last night with my Fimo so that I can be sure they are the way I like them before I decide on a good pattern and knuckle down to the socks.

I figure if I start by next week I should have enough time to squeeze out a nice pair -- and I'm definately going with the cuff-t0-toe pattern this time so I don't end up with tearful fits at the end like I did for poor Sorcha's sock (I did one cuff down, the other toe up).

So, since I always like a challenge I think I'm going to do them on two circs so I can work both socks at the same time - which should work good for me because I tend to have the Singles Syndrome -- once I work a project I get easily bored and don't want to make it again (which would explain why I haven't written out any crochet patterns in a while - I have to make everything twice, once to write the pattern then again to check it) --- oops I digressing again.

get the whip!

Polymer clay, clay, concentrate here Ginger!

So while I'm messing with trying to come up with a pattern I thought I'd start with making some very Harry Potter type marker beads.

I have 4 so far, but probably won't send all of them to my partner as I will keep making them until my next KnitPick order comes with more books and my partners needles - very nice, I'm jealous actually ... I want a set for myself, but thought I'd by for her first (I can wait for one of those 'present' days).

I feel fairly safe in sharing ... after all like I said she probably won't get all the ones I'm going to make -- and Maran won't know which ones she will get.

So here's what I've gotten so far (photo to come later)
1. Harry's sweater
2. School robes
3. Witch's hat
4. Snitch
5. Hedwig
6. Crystal ball
7. faux glass
8. cauldron

Now I am really hoping the Snitch will work out.

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