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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reality Check

Coleman campaign calls Franken ad misleading:
"But Coleman, a Minnesota Republican, actually lives in a different part of the house, renting an English basement apartment for $600 a month. His campaign complains that the ad is misleading Minnesota voters."
Yes I have seen the ad, and I have not seen it show up on the local 'hyperliberal' television stations "Reality Check" segment yet - but then I refuse to watched their hyper-biased news on a regular basis.

In the ad, Franken claims that he overpaid taxes in the state where he lived (well, the state he claimed residency in - let's straighten that out first ... he lived in NY) and it was an honest mistake that he didn't pay in the states where he did his speeches ....

Well as a possible law maker, shouldn't he have to understand the actual law? Even if he wasn't running, I would have imagined that the IRS or whatever the Tax Revenue services in those states are call, would have contacted him if they hadn't gotten paid within the year he performed there.

Franken has this habit of blaming his acct., his attorneys, whoever he can ... instead of simply stepping up and saying "look i thought i had figured out a way around paying such huge tax bill" - people can relate to that, we can go "yep, I'd do the same thing - can't blame the guy" but no - instead he has ducked-and-weave the situation hiding behind the perverbial skirts of other people.

Now about the Coleman aspect... Coleman rented a basement room of a house. He had a half bath and a kitchenette - hardly anything close to a 'multi-million $ home' The home is owned by a friend of his ... so it is not surprising that he got a cut rate on the apartment space. $600/mo. is about right -- for MN ... for DC though he should have probably paid nearly twice as much.

So what did Coleman do when the news broke? Did he try to hide from the issue? No he came out, admitted to the error, stated that he didn't know it was an issue and asked for it to be looked into so he could find out how to fix the issue instead of hiding from it.

Franken? he swept it under the rug for as long as possible.

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