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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Slytherin Quiz 1

Hee hee - okay here is the quiz for my house .... let's see if I can be one of the first up (I got on the computer late today).

1. Sacharissa Tugwood made Beautifying Potions

2.Shrinking Potion Ingredients:
chopped daisy roots, skinned
caterpillar, one
rat spleen,
dash of leech juice

3.Euphoria Elixir can cause excessive singing and nose tweaking; instructions are located in 'Advanced Potion Making'

4. Polyjuice Potion Ingredients:
lacewing flies stewed 21 days,
leeches, powdered
bicorn horn
fluxweed, picked at full moon,
shredded boomslang skin
a bit of who one wants to turn into

5. To Think More Clearly: Wit Sharpening Potion,
ground scarab beetle
cut up ginger root
armadillo bile

6. Murtlap Eccense: it is strained & pickled Murtlap tentacles ... used to sooth/heal cuts & wounds.

7. Deflating Draught is the solution to 'Swelling Solution'

8. Wolfbane Potion: invented by Marcus Belby's uncle Damocles

9. Aconite: also known as Wolf's Bane and Monk's Hood ... it is a highly poisonous plant (it is also known as Dumbledore's Delight in real-life magical circles)

Picture Hunt

(1) Professor Severus Snape

(2) Frienze

(3&4) the Dark Mark

(5) professor Dumbledore (the original)

(6) Barty Crouch Jr, in his true form

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