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Friday, August 15, 2008

What if ....

As a tribute, Democrats to place Clinton's name in nomination - International Herald Tribune:
"Her name will not be on the general election ballot this fall, but Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential candidacy will receive one final tribute when her name is formally placed into nomination at the Democratic convention."
so what happens if what I heard is true? What if there have been superdelegates who have changed their minds and now wish to vote for Hillary?
delegates who have seen the way that Obama has acted over the last couple of months and have begun to wonder about him as a candidate?

Can they literally snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for Obama?

If enough delegates jump from the Obama barge to the Clinton barge - would he lose the canidacy? Or is it too late now that it has been announced?

After all you never here him, or McCain for that matter, referred to as the 'presumptive candidate' any longer -- both are referred to simply as 'candidate' or 'nominee'

I wonder if it has ever happened in history where the convention has come around and there has been such a move of overthrowing the presumed/elected nominee for one that was close but hadn't won.

it will be interesting to watch no matter what though -- this sounds like the conventions I remember watching on tv with the folks when I was growing up ...

"the great state of Minnesota, land of corn and butter, casts all its delegates for ..."

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